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Selling Syl-Lee Antiques Now Made Easy

Syl-Lee Antiques is derived from the names of the owner’s parents, (Sylvia and Lee). It is run by a family owned and operated Manhattan antique company. The main gallery is located in Manhattan. They have been buying antiques, fine art, collectibles, gold, silver, and costume jewelry for over 40 years and also have created a great reputation in buying and selling antiques. Though there are many shops that sell Syl-Lee antiques, not all shops cater to the best interests of their clients. Most of the people who want to sell their antique pieces find it difficult to visit the stores again and again and still have the items underpriced. Some people may also have some emotional attachment with the antique pieces that they are selling.

The new Syl-Lee Antiques – NYC Antique Dealer is now on Facebook to make the lives of each of the antique sellers easier by going the extra mile to serve them. You now need not have to bring your items to the stores to sell them. The staff would be more than happy to visit your house and also offer free evaluations of your antiques and fine arts. The home visits are completely free of cost. All your antiques are purchased outright for cash. They also connect you with the auctions in your area. They buy the entire content of the estate and there are also specialists who can help in identifying those antiques which are very rare. The items that can be sold are costume jewelry, 50 S Furniture, diamonds, sterling and other silver, bronzes, oil paintings, antique water colors, modern art and contemporary art, comic books, toys, Russian art, Lladros, antique porcelain, cut glass, art glass, Lalique, watches and clocks, coins, Asian antiques and pottery, Southeast Asian and Indian art, American Indian art and furs.

There is a very good collection of Syl-Lee antiques in the Facebook. The collection includes a beautiful Rene Lalique, antique costume jewelry, Chinese and Japanese antiques, South East Asian antiques, glassware, antique umbilical cord scissors, antique silver singing bird music box, Chinese silver, antique snuff bottle, antique micro mosaic piece that portrays cats and many more. Jade, coral, porcelain and bronze are in high demand at any given point of time. The Buccellati Silver Monkey is another rare antique piece that is available for sale. In order to connect with Syl-Lee Antiques, one just has to sign up for Facebook.

Here is just small sample of Antiques, Fine Art, Collectibles, furniture and Jewelry at Syl-Lee Antiques. They can provide you the one-stop shop for everything antique. To get more information about the antiques, please visit us online.

All About Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses is relatively new and has come in the market only in the 1990s. The memory foam was first tried on various beddings as trial before it was introduced in the mainstream market. In the early times the memory foam mattress in India was found only in hospitals and in certain sports equipment. This foam is basically made of polyurethane foam which is visco elastic by nature. It is called memory foam as it comes with certain unique properties. The memory foam pillow and mattress have a specific property of molding itself to the human form. They are much more adaptable and flexible in giving extra support to your body. Earlier memory foam was used for patients with orthopedic issues as it gives support to the bones and take the pressure of them. Gradually the memory foam has become cheaper to manufacture and so it has developed mass appeal today. They have replaced the spring mattresses in India and other countries.

Today there are a number of such mattresses available in India and other places. You can get some of the best memory foam mattress India today. It is also possible to order memory foam and spring mattress online or get it from a normal brick and mortar store. Many people can find these mattresses a little expensive so they us mattress protectors in India or opt to use memory foam toppers which can be used on regular mattresses. This way you can get the benefits of memory foam without spending too much of money. These toppers are thinner than a mattress obviously and will therefore wear out faster. The constant weight of your body can suppress the toppers and make them very thin quickly. They are great only for a short period of time.

The memory foam mattresses in India is a better option as they do prove cost effective over a period of time. They will not have any wearing out issues like the toppers. The body warmth warms the mattress, especially its top layers when you lie on them. This warmth actually makes the mattress flexible and durable. This actually helps the memory foam mattresses mold themselves to the shape of your body. The lower portion of the mattress remains cooler and therefore continues to remain supportive. Once you get up and leave the mattress, the spring helps it go back to its original shape and size. This versatile feature of the memory foam, can help you sleep comfortably and allows you to naturally move around in your sleep without causing any disturbance. The support is gives is unparalleled as your back bone aligns itself properly and helps prevent aches and pains that occurs due to a bad sleeping postures. The memory foam mattress in India are good for those will various allergies too. The material repels dust mites and is almost dust resistant. Mites cannot feed on this kind of memory foam and the few of the mites on the surface can be vacuumed easily. Thus memory foam mattresses and pillows are comfortable, durable, versatile and flexible.

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